P-Shape Conservatories

NJN P-Shape Conservatories..

The P-Shaped conservatory is for people who love the sheer indulgence of combining a Traditional Lean-To style conservatory with the glamour of a Victorian conservatory.

The P-Shape structure is an ingenious way to combine the benefits of the two styles, using the footprint-maximising benefits of traditional style conservatories with the drama of the Victorian style.

This style of conservatory is often referred to as the link option, as it can be used to link the two rear rooms of a property by stretching across the width of the building, with the Victorian style extension to the structure giving the conservatory contours which are truly pleasing to the eye.

The P-Shape gives the impression of light and space, while giving the versatility of being used as one large conservatory or two adjoining conservatory rooms. Many P-Shaped conservatories have separately defined dining and relaxing areas, resulting in it becoming an integral part of the home.

Combination and P-Shaped conservatories offer you more space and greater levels of flexibility by combining two styles – such as the Edwardian and the Lean-To – or by adapting an existing style so that it can be used in the shape of a ‘P’.

The P-Shape conservatory creates a multifunctional space with two distinctive areas, which can be used however you desire. For instance, you might choose to use one area for dining and the other for relaxing, the choice and the flexibility is yours.

In addition, the P-Shape combination conservatories can also be used to create ‘T’ and ‘B’ shapes, giving you the greatest freedom to create the space you’ve dreamt of.

It is completely adaptable to suit all house styles and bungalows. For bungalows and other height-restricted situations, a hipped-back roof with box gutter is normally supplied.