French Windows

French Windows by NJN Conservatories..

If you’re looking to bring the outside in upstairs, look no further than French windows.

With uPVC French windows from NJN Conservatories, you can retain all the traditional charm of your property with the energy-efficient, robust and secure benefits gained from uPVC – the ideal solution for any self-build or replacement window project. The twin sash look is designed to match our standard casement windows. The opening sashes provide a quaint and beautiful opening that allows you to invigorate your home with fresh air and really let the outside in.

The added advantage of precision-engineered frames and advanced security systems from NJN Conservatories means you can create a different experience without any compromise on comfort, safety and warmth of your home.

French Windows are excitingly different and certainly contemporary, yet with classical good looks. Both sides open fully leaving a clear, unobstructed opening. This gives an easy escape route should there ever be an emergency.

Opening up new horizons in an instant. Our French Window provides an attractive, highly functional and reliable solution to a British problem where a fully opening window is needed to meet fire and Building Regulations or for access with furniture. Alternatively, home-owners might simply prefer the capability of operating both sashes leaving a totally uninterrupted open area.

Our French Windows operate in a similar way to French Doors. One sash is the Master, which can be opened and closed at will. The second is the Slave sash together with the floating mullion, that can only be opened when the Master is open. A shoot bolt provides security to the slave with an Espagnolette to the Master.