Stable Doors

Stable Doors by NJN Conservatories..

We offer and install both uPVC and Composite Stable Doors. Both provide independent operation of the two halves and are both fitted with high security locking systems. The top half is operated by the handle, and incorporates a hook, a roller, latch and deadbolt, whilst the bottom half contains a hook and deadbolt that is operated by using a key in the bottom lock. Together these provide a high security door that combines traditional appearances with the modern benefits a uPVC or Composite Door can bring.

All our stable doors can switch between two modes of operation, one where the two halves operate independent from one another, and the other where the two halves are locked together and open and close as one door. This provides tremendous versatility as the bottom can be locked shut to keep children and pets secure whilst the upper half can be left open to provide ventilation. In addition to the above, the doors can be configured to open inwards or open outwards.

Composite stable doors are a variation on our composite doors. They are available in various colours, with additional custom colours available on request.

Composite stable doors provide outstanding strength and security whilst maintaining the traditional look of a timber door.

Our Stable Doors offer maximum ventilation, but keep children and pets where they are wanted.

Something different, versatile and practical. The upper leaf has lever/lever handles operating one hook, one adjustable compression cam, one latch and one tri-laminate claw. The lower leaf has a concealed lever operating a hook and two adjustable cams.

Stable Doors can be made to open inwards or outwards and are available in White, Cream, Mahogany, Rosewood, Golden Oak and Black.